RFID Blocking Cards | Set of 3
RFID Blocking Cards | Set of 3
RFID Blocking Cards | Set of 3
Product image 1RFID Blocking Cards | Set of 3
Product image 2RFID Blocking Cards | Set of 3
Product image 3RFID Blocking Cards | Set of 3

RFID Blocking Cards | Set of 3

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RFID Blocking Cards

Does your wallet not have RFID Protection? Need security against the potential threat of contact card fraud? Then our set of 3 RFID Blocking is an affordable way to transform any wallet into an RFID enabled wallet giving peace of mind and security that your contactless cards won't be subject to this crime. 

Simply place a single blocking card in your wallet or purse and you’re protected. It works by blocking radio waves from all incoming signals. All cards surrounding the Blocking Cards are protected in an approximate 2.5cm radius.

What is RFID Security?

RFID is a hot topic at the moment with the increase in the use of contactless payment systems. The crime is known as 'contactless card skimming' is on the rise and works by automatically triggering your credit/debit cards contactless technology automatically charging your card(s) a set amount of money. 

For more information on RFID Security, whether you should consider an RFID-enabled wallet, or a blocking card, check out our posts on the topic below. 

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Free Multi-Tool

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With every wallet order you will receive a free wallet multi-tool worth up to $25.00. This may be shipped separately to your order and may arrive at a different date for the purchased wallet.

What is a wallet multi-tool?

A wallet multi-tool is a small credit/debit card shaped metal device that expands on the functionality your wallet has. These tools have features such as bottle openers, small knives and screwdrivers. 


Depending on the wallet you purchase with influence how easily the multi-tool can be stored in your wallet. For example, leather wallets - with individual card slots - are best suited for the storage of multi-tools. Other types of wallets may not accommodate them as easily.


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