Why Shop with Us?

We stock wallets from across the world, bringing some of the very best independent wallet brands to a global audience. What we offer is nothing short of the best in a small pool of wallets made to last a lifetime, built with ingenuity and innovative functions, and a wide range of sizes to fit the needs of minimalists or card carriers alike. 

We are so committed and confident in the wallets we stock that we offer an amazing warranty, free returns if you’re unsatisfied and a wide array of T&Cs for guaranteeing your new wallet is the last wallet you ever need to purchase. Not only this but with free shipping, and next day delivery.

Our Knowledge is Borderline Obsessive 

We’re not your typical online store. Over the past three years, we’ve dedicated our time to purchasing and testing hundreds of wallets from across the world. We try and test every wallet we’ve ever purchased and give a detailed review of each wallet outlining their pros, cons, and everything you’d need to know when making an informed purchasing decision. 

With this knowledge, we handpicked our favorites and sell them on this website. A store built on the foundation of knowledge, with tried and tested wallets made from some of the best independent, local, and handcrafted brands from across the globe. 

With this knowledge, we invite you to chat with us, drop us a message, and allow us to help you choose a wallet right for your individual and distinct needs. You’d be surprised by the sheer variety of wallets available today, where you want something super slim, incredibly durable, or the best on a budget. Our extensive knowledge of wallets borderlines is crazy so why not let us put it to use. 

Even if we don’t sell the wallets ourselves we’d be happy to recommend wallets outside of our own store and provide personalized tailored advice on what you need to know. If you fancy a chat, fill out the tailored form below or drop us an email at advice@allthewallets.com

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